19 January, 2021

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The Special invitation to forward the self written poems during COVID-19 to present/interact in Sahitya Charcha of Prof Satyakam, PVC, IGNOU at 5.00 pm Sunday (16th August, 2020)

14 August, 2020

Prof Satyakam, PVC, IGNOU has invited the self written poem in Hindi during the period of COVID - 19 to present in Sahitya Charcha to be held at 5.00-6.00 pm, Sunday (16th August, 2020). You can read your own poems during the live session. Please forward your poems to the following e-mail address: gyandarshan@ignou.ac.in before 3.00 pm, 16 August, 2020.

The Phone numbers for interaction as follows: 011-29533581, 011-29536131 & 1800112347.