07 March, 2021

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The live teleconferencing sessions of SOH, SOJNMS & SOSS scheduled for today (30th September, 2020)

30 September, 2020

1.   3.00-4.00 pm    Dr. Abdul Hafiz, SOH
         Topic: BUDC-133, History of Urdu Language
2.   4.00-4.30 pm    Dr. Amit Kumar, SOJNMS
         Topic: MAJMC/PGJMC, Course: MJML-020 (Practical: Print & Online), Topic :  How to Prepare
         Production Portfolio (MJML-020)
3.   4.30-5.00 pm    Prof Debal SihngaRoy, Centre for Gandhi and Peace Studies (SOSS)
         Topic: Gandhian Ideal of Development