19 January, 2021

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The special live teleconference session Sahitya Charcha at 5-6 pm on 6th September, 2020

3 September, 2020

The Gyan Darshan TV Channel/Gyan Vani, FM Radio, Delhi & Gyan Dhara Web Radio will simulcast the live teleconference session Sahitya Charcha at 5.00-6.00 pm on 6th September, 2020 (Sunday). In this session Prof Satyakam, PVC, IGNOU will participate and answer the queries of viewers / listeners.
 The topic of the live session will be:  Aadi Kaalin Hindi Sahitya 

This session is specially meant for the learners of MA in Hindi and BA in Hindi. The viewers can make this session interactive. The phone numbers for an interaction with Prof Satyakam are as follows: 011-29533581, 011-29533103 & 1800112347.