17 August, 2022

Regional Centre


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The special live teleconference sessions of RSD/SOET & SOE scheduled for today (22nd February, 2022)

22 February, 2022

3.00-4.00 pm

Regional Services Division (RSD)/ School of Engineering & Technology (SOET)
The Resource Persons for the session will be:
1.    Dr. Shweta Tripathi
2.    Dr. Shashank Srivastava
3.    Dr. K. D. Prasad
Master of Science in Renewable Energy & Environment (MSCRWEE) & Certificate Programme in Condition Monitoring (CCOMO)
4.00-4.30 pm

Expert: Dr. Niradhar Dey
School: School of Education (SOE)
Topic: BESC 131, BAG, Education as Differentiated from Schooling, Learning, Instruction, Training, Teaching and Indoctrination
The Phone Numbers for interaction with the studio are 011-29532844, 011- 29532845 & Toll Free: 1800112346