21 June, 2024

Regional Centre


Certificate Programme in Functional English (Basic level) (CFE)

Minimum Duration: 6 Months
Maximum Duration: 2 Years
Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar


10+2 with preferably six (6) years of English at the school level.

Course Fee: Rs. 1,900

This Programme seeks to enhance the english proficiency of the students to help them communicate with confidence and fluency on a range of issues that concern their daily lives. It will help the students to:

  • Improve the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • Gain awareness of certain grammatical structures so that the students can paraphrase and edit their language.
  • Practice the various skills through appropriate texts and activity types.
  • Manage daily interactions such as greetings, introductions, shopping and traveling and so on.
  • Apply to universities and communicate on campus and in their student life.
  • Communicate effectively at the work place where they may need to attend meetings, participate in discussions, write letters/ e-mails and prepare effective Curriculum Vitae

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