21 July, 2024

Regional Centre


Master of Arts (Philosophy) (MAPY)

Minimum Duration: 2 Years
Maximum Duration: 5 Years
Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar



Course Fee: Rs. 7,300

It is a fact that UGC has recognised philosophy as a discipline and it is being offered by several Universities across the country. The Government of India too has assigned special status to the discipline by establishing the Indian Council of Philosophical Research, and by including philosophy as a subject in UPSC and PSCs examinations.


i) To provide opportunity to candidates in ODL System, pursue studies in the discipline of Philosophy.
ii) To meet the growing demand from several institutions across the country to have the discipline of Philosophy in ODL System particularly to cater to those in-service to pursue studies in the subject.
iii) To provide opportunity to candidates from ODL System who desire to pursue studies in Philosophy so as to appear for civil service, UPSC, PSC and other competitive exams.
iv) To provide career prospects for students from ODL System in the discipline of Philosophy.
v) To offer courses and programmes of study in Philosophy in par with UGC and Conventional Universities within the country and abroad.
vi) To provide opportunity to students in ODL System who may prefer inter-disciplinary approach while pursuing undergraduate programmes by opting courses from the discipline of Philosophy.
vii) To facilitate residential institutions involved in providing quality education in Philosophy to acquire university degrees.
viii) To develop quality material in the discipline of Philosophy from IGNOU which are much sought after by students, teachers and institutions of higher education across the board

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