19 April, 2024

Regional Centre

Facilities/benefits for Differently abled Learners
Additional time for Learners with Disability:
a) Learners with disability of 40% or more are given additional 2 (two) years beyond the maximum duration prescribed for all academic programmes.
b) Learners with disability seeking benefit of the aforesaid facility should submit the Disability Certificate’ issued by the competent authority at the Regional Centre concerned, which, in turn will verify it, make entry in the data base and transmit the data to SRD for updating in the Master records.
c) University provide Extra Time as per norms i.e. 20 minutes for a paper of one hour duration, 40 minutes for a paper of 2 hours duration and 60 minutes for a paper of 3 hours.
The University provides reservation of seats to Physically Handicapped learners, as per the Government of India rules, for admission to its programmes in which there are limited number of seats and admission is through a merit list.